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This is the product of my obsession.
It is carefully crafted by tradition, invention, practice, godly mentorships, exquisite ingredients, an endless drive to control time and nature, and a passion to please the senses.
Hope you enjoy this panettone experience as much as I loved creating it for you.



Roy Shvartzapel, Chef


For 15 years, Roy Shvartzapel has traveled the globe, working for and learning from the most important gastronomic figures of our time, including Pierre Hermé, Ferran Adria, and Thomas Keller. After conceiving and launching his own standout bakery, Common Bond in Houston, Roy has now embarked on his next endeavor, From Roy, a luxury bakery on a quest to deliver the finest products in the world. 

From Roy’s first offering is the iconic panettone. Mentored by the world’s panettone master, Iginio Massari, Roy has spent the better part of a decade obsessing and perfecting what he calls, “the Mt. Everest of the baking world." What begins with simple mother yeast or “lievito madre” (flour, water and the yeast which is present in the air) is cared for and nurtured with the utmost precision and dedication and then, using the highest quality standards, is transformed into one of the most special products in all the pastry and baking worlds. 

The From Roy panettone is a culmination of a life’s journey, a man’s passion and most importantly, a desire to share and bring moments of joy into the lives of others.   


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